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Archives Acquisitions, July-December 2016 Print Email
January 17, 2017

Audio recordings of LCHS lectures, 1984-1995 Recordings made by Paul Kaseman (d. 2009), board member of LCHS for 20+ years and Tanger Arboretum. Gift of J. Lucinda Santiago, given in memory of Paul W. Kaseman, Sr. Audio-Visual Collection

Boy Scout materials, 1941-1943 Sent to Harold Hess, 340 Pine Street, Lancaster. Gift of Lyndel Breault. MG-140, Folder 7

Buchanan: Letter written by James Buchanan to General Gabriel Hiester, 26 April 1828 Buchanan replies to Hiester's request for a date to attend to business and/or legal matters in Lancaster, PA. Buchanan describes how he cannot leave Washington until a final disposition shall be made on the tariff, which is a subject of great interest in PA and to the Union. He continues to describe that the Senate may amend the bill and that it will return to the House for concurrence and that he must be present for any votes. Gift of Frank Shaffer. MG-96, not cataloged

Civil War: "A Christian goes to War: The Civil War Story of Flavius Bender", photocopy. The donor's presentation notes include information about Bender's service and transcriptions of the letters, (1861-1864) written to the newsletter of the Church of God. Flavius Bender was from Mount Joy. His family was among the original congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster. This packet also contains biographical and genealogical information. Gift of Jack Bender, III.

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Archives Acquisitions, January-June 2016 Print Email
June 7, 2016

Brenneman’s Boarding House trade card, no date Gift of Roberta Spiese Frey. MG-180, not cataloged

Buchanan letter, 1848 Outlines James Buchanan’s reasons for not wanting to run for Governor. Gift of Paul W. and Judy Ware. MG-96, not cataloged

Deeds for farm in East Hempfield Twp., 1845-1863 Property is on the south side of Old Harrisburg Pike, just east of Villa Road; two residential subdivisions first developed during the 1990s: The Meadows, and Sycamore Hill in Getz’s Woods. Jonas Mumma purchased the property. The deeds all predate this purchase. Swarr, Hershey, Kauffman, Killinger, Miller. Several are unrecorded. Gift of Joel Mumma, in memory of his great-great-grandparents, Jonas and Mary Anna Brubaker Mumma. MG-304, not cataloged

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Archives Acquisitions, October and December 2015 Print Email
December 17, 2015

Archives Acquisitions, October 2015
Created: 17 December 2015

Brubaker and Beechdale farm items.  Items include background information about the family business, obituary and newspaper articles for the Gibbons and Brubakers, and an invitation to a Christmas tea. Gift of Anne Tennis. MG-756, not catalogued.

Conestoga Elks Lodge No. 140 I. B. P. O. E. of W., Dedication booklet, 1940 Located at 452 S. Duke Street, Lancaster, PA. Founded in 1908. Gift of Gerald Wilson. MG-760, not cataloged

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Archives Acquisitions, June and August 2015 Print Email
September 1, 2015

Daybook of Marietta Livery Stable, 1855-1858 Shows name of client, horses (by name) and vehicle that was hired, saddle, harness, services provided, and sometimes the destination or purpose. Gift of Andrea Snedaker. MG-755, not cataloged

Deed for property on East King Street, 1893 Deed between Sarah Matthes, widow, Emma O. Matthes, Mary E. Matthes and Annie M. Matthes of Lancaster and Joseph L. Bresch and Joseph H. Bentz, trading as Bresch and Bentz, of Lancaster. Property on the north side of East King St. between Shippen and Plum Streets. The Matthes family has an association with the German Hotel on East King Street. Gift of Joanne Allsopp, Patricia Zech, Deborah Schuman, Wendy Maempel. MG-304, not cataloged

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