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Early Closing for Staff Training on April 6

On Thursday, April 6, will be closing early at 3pm for staff training. The Research Library and Archives will close at 2:45pm. There will still be a 3pm Wheatland tour. If you have any questions regarding a visit to on this day, please call 717-392-4633. Thank you!

Oral Histories

As part of its vision, the Lancaster County Historical Society has placed the collection of 20th-century history as one of its top priorities for the years to come.  One of the principal ingredients in this capture of recent history will be the collection of oral histories.  Often overlooked, oral histories have provided many historians with a unique set of primary resources not found in printed or manuscript material.

Oral History is a method of gathering and recording details of the recent past through interviews with participants of history. In many ways, the scope of oral history is limitless.  Oral History can record both extraordinary events and everyday life.  It can provide intimate details of one particular individual or the memories and emotions of a nation.  Yet, in one important way it is very limited.  Oral history only focuses on the time frame and first-hand experiences of the life of the interviewee.  As a result, Oral History is one of the most fragile of all artifacts and requires constant preservation and collection efforts. 

The Lancaster County Historical Society's focus on Oral History is to advance its endeavors at collecting, preserving, and increasing the accessibility of the historical society's oral history collections, to assist other groups with the preservation and accessibility of their collections, and to promote the collection of oral histories throughout Lancaster County.

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