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Recent Object Acquisitions

February 2015 to April 2015

Painted Sheet Iron Tray
Painted by Raymond J. Schnader, circa 1945-1952
Gift of Barbara B. Hunsberger
Schnader was a highly productive artist. Born in 1914, Schnader lived in Rohrerstown.  He was a former carriage painter, transitioned to decorative painting in his 30s and produced designs on tinware, furniture, etc.
Great example of revival decorative arts that grows alongside a rise in tourism in the Lancaster County region.

Mogul Cigarette Silk featuring President James Buchanan
Manufactured in New York, circa 1912-1915
Gift of John S. Geist
The complete set featured 24 Presidents.  Mogul was an expensive hand-rolled all-Turkish cigarette that was started by an independent maker in New York City and by 1914 was owned by the American Tobacco Company.

Tall Case Clock
Owned and passed down through the Bausman family
Made by Frederck Maus, Philadelphia, Circa 1785.
Gift of Walt Dunlap
Andreas Bausman (1734-1814) settled near Lancaster circa 1755.  He bought 317 acres along what is now Millersville Pike, Bausman, PA. He had no heirs. When he died in 1814 he was one of the wealthiest farmers in the county.  His nephew, John Bausman (1780-1861), moved to Lancaster from Germany to take over Andreas' estate.  John BausmanlLived there and was a successful farmer until his death in 1861.
Frederick Maus made clocks in Philadelphia circa 1785s. He is known to have traveled to Lancaster at least once.

1928 Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Realm of Pennsylvania
This token indicated that someone was at the 1928 National Konklave and subsequent march on Washington, D.C.  Similar tokens were made for those from Michigan, Illinois, Ohio.










June 2013 to January 2014

Painting, Landscape of hills near Columbia, by Loydd Mifflin and Print, "Columbia Bridge on the Susquehanna", by W. H. Bartlett, Handcolored. (2013.012) Linda Moise.  In Memory of Ruth G. Kauffman & Carolyn I. Kauffman.

Lock of George Washington's Hair. (2013.014)  Daniel Wenger.

Personal items of Harriet Lane Johnston. (2014.002) Michael K. Nicholson.

Hubley Toy Cap PIstols and Leather Holster, Cast Iron Bookend made by Lancaster Iron Works, Cast Iron Ashtray made by Posey Iron Works. (2014.003) Barbara Breneman.  In Memory of Robert Posey Breneman.


January 2013 to June 2013

Bollster Cover and Pair of Pillowcases (2013.001) Jane Monn

Wooden, oval band box.  Painted by Zoe Kauffman (2013.002) Samuel and Joyce Nolt

Animal Nose-ring (2013.003) Anonymous

Ephemera, Watt & Shand (2013.004) Fred Geiger

Personal Artifacts, Clark Family (2013.005) Clark Family

Portraits, John and Celia Pearsol by Arthur Armstrong (2013.006) Peggy Spear

Printing Block, Steinman Hardware (2013.007) Sharon Kirchner

Presidential Desk, Furniture, and other items related to President James Buchanan and Wheatland (2013.008) Gift of the Family of Eleanor N. Henry (John D. McNeill Jr., Mary Catherine Henry, James Buchanan Henry IV, and Elizabeth Henry Richardson)

Ephemera, WW Moyer and Co (2013.009) Emmaus Historical Society

2012 Red Rose Coin Set, Joseph Wharton (2013.010) Red Rose Coin Club

Personal Artifacts, GM Ross, PERR Railraod Fireman Tags (2013.011) Mary Louise Miller






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