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What's in the Object Collections

Quilts and Textiles

P02 51 57 TN's collection of quilt and textiles reflects the influences of Lancaster's 18th century English and German origins. Our collections also depict centuries of influences from surrounding neighbors and travelers to our region.

An important component of our quilt and textile collections is the Esprit Collection of Lancaster County Amish Quilts. This collection of eighty-two Amish quilts was the brainchild of Doug Tompkins, a founder of the Esprit Corporation, who began collecting the quilts during the 1970s. Produced by Amish women in Lancaster County between the 1870s and the 1940s these masterpieces provide a perfect window to examine the lives and culture of the people who created them.

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Special History

johnhmifflinBust of John Houston Mifflin, made by Lloyd Mifflin of Columbia, PA While the term "Special History" may seem rather vague, it encompasses many of the objects which visitors come to see.  The Special History collection includes all of those objects which relate directly, and most importantly, to an important place, person, business, organization or event in Lancaster County history.  The collection includes as many stories as it does objects.

Prints and Paintings

The Prints and Paintings Collection is of exceptional value for obtaining visual representations of Lancaster County, its landscapes and people, prior to the advent of photography.  The Collection includes nearly 200 paintings and 300 printed images.

Decorative Arts Collection

The Heritage Center Collection contains some spectacular examples of the craftsmanship of Lancaster County inhabitants.  The Collection includes Furniture, Ceramics, Glass, Base Metals, Silver, and Textiles.


Our Blogs

The History Bucket


Because the world is a bucketful of questions.  And someone's gotta answer them

While working with the object collections of we come across many questions.  Visit here to see some of the more unusual stories that we have uncovered.

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Historically Speaking


The staff and volunteers of the Archives Department at never know what they'll find when working on the documents and records in the collections.  Fortunately, when they do discover something noteworthy they are very willing to share!

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Marianne's PhotoBlog


Because pictures are worth a thousand words, but sometimes they need an interpreter.

You know that cliché about a picture being worth a thousand words? Ok, well, imagine the stories going on in my head after cataloging several hundred photos every single day!

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Wheatland: A Love Story

Who would have guessed that a young lady would fall in love with an old President and his old house?

One Young Lady, One Old House, Two Hundred Years of History

I’m Jennifer Walton, Museum Associate at President James Buchanan's Wheatland, and I love an old President and his old house! Over the past nine years, I’ve learned quite a lot about both, and I would love to share it with you!

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