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Quick facts about President James Buchanan

  • Only President from Pennsylvania
  • Only Bachelor President, niece Harriet Lane served as First Lady
  • Born April 23rd, 1791 in Cove Gap, PA
  • Graduated from Dickinson College
  • First job was a lawyer
  • Member of the Mason Society
  • Commenced his political career as a member of the Federalist Party
  • Elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives - He served from 1814 to 1816
  • Elected to the United States House of Representatives - He served from 1821 to 1831
  • Shifts his political party loyalties - he forms the Amalgamist Party and eventually shifts to Jackson's Democrat Party
  • Served as Minister to Russia for President Andrew Jackson 1831 - 1833
  • Elected to the United States Senate - He served from 1834 to 1845
  • Served as Secretary of State for President Polk 1845 to 1849
  • Served as Minister to the Court of Saint James for President Franklin Pierce 1852 - 1856
  • Elected 15th President of the United States November 1856
  • Published one and only book "Mr. Buchanan's Administration on the Eve of the Rebellion" 1865
  • Nickname was Ten-Cent Jimmy
  • Died on June 1st , 1868 and is buried at Woodward Hill Cemetery in Lancaster, PA

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