Haverstick: Michael Haverstick Collection, 1741-1931

Call number:  MG-30

2 boxes     51 folders     1.5 cubic feet

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 1

Description: Collection contains information on the Haverstick family, and includes wills, estate papers, genealogies, greeting cards, and a large number of photographs.

Creator:  Haverstick, Michael.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Possibly donated by Miss Mabel Koester, October 1956.


Box 1

Folder 1 History & Will of Col. Michael Haverstick (Haberstick), 1741-1793.
Folder 2 The Haverstick Family Record, 1741-1908.
Folder 3 Partial Haverstick Genealogy.
Folder 4 Marriage Certificate of Henry B. Haverstick & Anna Esbenshade, 1828.

Folder 5 1 Letter to Jacob K. Umble, 1868.

1 Constitution of the Northern Trust & Savings Company of Lancaster, PA, Christian Umble, 1928.

Folder 6 Will of Sarah M. Wolff, 1898.
Folder 7 Henry B. Haverstick Farm Contract 1934, 1939. Photo of Farm on Pleasure Road.
Folder 8 Henry B. Haverstick Residence Building Specifications, 1914. 1254 Lititz Pike , Lancaster, PA.
Folder 9 The Mary B. Haverstick Estate Papers, 1931-1932.
Folder 10 The Amelia B. Haverstick Estate Papers, 193301938.
Folder 11 Henry B. Haverstick Deed of Trust, 1935. Letter Regarding Trust, 1938. Executors Commissions, 1944.
Folder 12 Osteopathic Magazine, 1927. Fulton National Bank Annual Report, 1965.
Folder 13 Anna M. Haverstick Hospital & Insurance Papers, 1965, 1969.

Folder 14 Ruth Haverstick Hospital & Insurance Papers, 1965, 1969.
Folder 15 Handwritten Prayers
Folder 16 Word Games
Folder 17 Cards & Memos of Ruth E. & Anna M. Haverstick, 1911, 1929-1969.
Folder 18 Tourist Pictures of London & Arizona.
Folder 19 Greeting Cards & Announcements.
Folder 20 Memorabilia, 1856, 1931.


Box 2

Folder 21 9 Identified Photographs.
Folder 22 5 Tintypes & 1 Milkglass Photo.
Folder 23 2 Photos of Testing the Trolley Car, 1910.
Folder 24 5 Postcard Photos.
Folder 25 5 Photographs. Photographer: Allers Gallery, Lancaster, PA
Folder 26 15 Photographs. Photographer: Fowler, Lancaster, PA.
Folder 27 6 Photographs. Photographer: Killian of Lancaster, PA.
Folder 28 20 Photographs. Photographer: Miesse of Lancaster, PA.
Folder 29 10 Photographs. Photographer: A.M.Lesse, Lancaster, PA.
Folder 30 3 Photographs. Photographer: Hubley Knipe, Lancaster, PA.

Folder 31 12 Photographs. Photographer: Rote, Lancaster, PA.
Folder 32 5 Photographs. Photographer: Weber, Lancaster, PA.
Folder 33 5 Photographs. Photographer: Saylor, Lancaster, PA.
Folder 34 2 Photographs. Photographer: Wolf, Lancaster, PA.
Folder 35 6 Photographs. Photographer: Stehman & Eberman, Lancaster, PA.
Folder 36 3 Photographs. Photographer: Black & Erns, Lancaster, PA.
Folder 37 3 Photographs. Photographer: Boston Gallery, New York Gallery, & Schlotzhaver, Lancaster, PA.
Folder 38 8 Photographs. Photographers from Bedford, Bethlehem, Ephrata, Lititz & Philadelphia, PA.
Folder 39 3 Photographs. Photographers from Indiana, Illinois & So. Carolina.
Folder 40 13 Photographs.


Folder 41 20 Photographs.
Folder 42 7 Photographs.
Folder 43 7 Photographs.
Folder 44 Photographs.
Folder 45 5 Photographs of the Choirs of St. Paul"s E. & R. Church of Lancaster. ( 1 of 1955) (1 torn in half)
Folder 46 Photograph and frame.
Folder 47 Photograph and frame.
Folder 48 2 Negative Plates (gloss).
Folder 49 Photograph and frame.
Folder 50 Photograph Albums.
Folder 51 5 Large Photographs.

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