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Appel: Richard G. Appel Collection, 1903-1974

Call number:  MG-125

1 box     26 folders     1 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 4

Decsription:  Richard Appel was Chief of the Music Department, Emeritus, of Boston Public Library. Collection includes photographs, correspondence, genealogy, programs, pamphlets, Ellmaker family genealogy, a letter to John Farmer regarding Abbeville 1961, articles, newspaper clippings, and a file on Jacob Eichholtz and Eichholtz family genealogy.

Creator: Appel, Richard G.

System of Arrangement:  Arranged chronologically.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Gift of a descendant of the Appel family.

Related Materials: MG-68 The Eichholtz Genealogy Collection; MG-71 The John Leonard Ellmaker Collection; MG-126 The Martin L. Herr, M. D. Collection


Folder 1 Photographs of the Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Appel, President of Franklin & Marshall College. Also photographs of his family. Transferred to the Photograph Collections, 21 March 2013. 

Folder 2 4 photographs. Judge William N. Appel, John W. Appel, William Hager, Henry Harbaugh Appel, Richard G. Appel. 1905. Transferred to the Photograph Collections, 21 March 2013. 

Folder 3 Photographs of the Rev. Dr. Theodore Appel and family. Transferred to the Photograph Collections, 21 March 2013. 

Folder 4 Photograph of Joseph Appel. Transferred to the Photograph Collections, 21 March 2013. 

Folder 5 Photographs of Locher, Attlee, and Blachwood. Transferred to the Photograph Collections, 21 March 2013. 

Folder 6 Organ Recital Program (Specifications of the two manual church organ , rebuilt by J. W. Steere & Son Organ Co. of Springfield, MA)

Article, "Music in the First Reformed Church."

Church renovation brochure.

Musicals, 1904, 1905.

Folder 7 "Diary of A Homesteader," "Freeborn Homesteader & Autobiography." by Harlan D. Ellmaker, 1907-1970.

Folder 8 Correspondence of Richard Appel, 1912-1972.

Folder 9 Lancaster County Portraiture, 1912.

Folder 10 Copies of the Subject Index of the Lancaster County Historical Society Journals, 1918-1916.

Folder 11 "The Pageant of Gratitude," 1929.

Folder 12 Program of the presentation of a portrait of President Henry Harbaugh Appel at Franklin & Marshall College, Feb. 13, 1933.

Folder 13 Correspondence of Richard Appel and Elizabeth Keiffer, 1946-1974.

Article on Musical Growth with a picture of Richard G. Appel, Chief of the Music Department, Emeritus, of the Boston Public Library, 1954.


Folder 14 Genealogy papers. George Washington to Harlan D. Ellmaker, 1951-1967.

Folder 15 "Historic Pennsylvania Leaflets," No. 3, 5, 6, 7, 11, 15. Published 1953.

Folder 16 Ellmaker File Notebook, 1956-1959.

Folder 17 Filed Ellmaker Family Research Notes, A - E, 1956-1972.

Folder 18 Filed Ellmaker Family Research Notes, F - H, 1956-1972.

Folder 19 Filed Ellmaker Family Research Notes, I - P, 1956-1972.

Henry Pettit photograph, 1879.

Folder 20 Filed Ellmaker Family Research Notes, Q -Z.

Folder 21 Unfiled Family Research Notes, 1958-1967.

Folder 22 Letter of John L. Farmer, M. D., regarding Abbeville, 1961.

Folder 23 Various articles and leaflets, 1969, 1970.

Folder 24 Jacob Eichholtz and his Portraits, and the Eichholtz genealogy.

Folder 25 Handwritten notes of Richard Appel.

Folder 26 Newspaper clippings.


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