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Beal: Rebecca J. Beal Family Collection

Call number:  MG-337

1 box     3 folders

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 8

Description:  The documents in this collection are primarily related to the genealogy of the Eichholtz family, although information about the Reigart, Trissler, and Slaymaker families is also included. The items are all photocopies of originals still in the possession of the Beal family.

Creator:  Beal, Rebecca J.; Beal family.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Gift of the family of Rebecca J. Beal, author of Jacob Eichholtz, 1776-1842; portrait painter of Pennsylvania.


Folder 1     Smith Papers

Insert 1  Handwritten letter from Joseph Eichholtz to his sister. 27 March 1832.

Insert 2  Copy of letter in Insert 1.

Insert 3  Handwritten memorandum on the Reigart and Trissler family history.  All related to Eichholtz family. 1700s.

Insert 4  Typed copies of maternal ancestry of Henry Miller Dubbs. His mother, Anna Mary Eichholtz, was the daughter of Jacob Eichholtz, the painter. Includes Eichholtz genealogy.

Insert 5  Mary E. Smith papers. Eichholtz genealogy.

Insert 6  Johann Jacob Eichholtz and Leonart Eichholtz biographies, family records and genealogy.

Insert 7  Adam Reigart's biography.

Insert 8  Documents regarding Jacob Eichholtz, Stella Woods, and William A. Phillips. 1885.

Insert 9  Documents on John Trissler and biographical information on Maria Reigart.

Insert 10  Abraham Mayer (Meyer) family genealogy. 1700's.


Folder 2     Mary E. Smith Papers

Insert 1  Poem by Rubens Eichholtz. 23 November 1822.

Insert 2  Johan Jacob Eichholtz and Leonard Eichholtz family history. 1700's.

Insert 3  Eichholtz family history.

Insert 4  Eichholtz and Reigart family history.

Insert 5  Letters from Irene Kain to Rebecca Beal. 19 July 1948.

Insert 6  Letter from William H. Miller to Mrs. Edward Albright on stationery from the Robert Morris Hotel in Philadelphia regarding Rubens Eichholtz’s poem of 12 November 1822. 21 March 1928.

Insert 7  Reichert, Slaymaker and Trissler family genealogy. 1700s and 1800s.

Insert 8  Henry "Harry" Eichholtz's obituary. No date.

Insert 9  Jacob Eichholtz autobiography. 1809.

Insert 10  Smith papers. Jacob Eichholtz family history from "Biographical History of Lancaster County" by Alex Harris. Page 188.


Folder 3     Smith Papers

Insert 1  Leonard Eichholtz biography. No date.

Insert 2  Catarina Mayer (Meyer) family genealogies. No date.

Insert 3  Envelope to Rebecca Beal addressed to Katharine Eichholtz regarding Eichholtz family records. May 1950.

Insert 4  Information on William H. Miller, artist and grandson of Jacob Eichholtz. Family history.

Insert 5  Captain George C. M. Eicholtz's obituary. Son of Henry and Elizabeth Eicholtz; a Civil War veteran.               

Insert 6  Article on Jacob Eichholtz and a description of his painting "Fire by Night" for the Union Fire Company. "The skill of the Artist is only equaled by the moral excellence of the Man!" No date.


Insert 7  Eliza Eichholtz obituaries. Sister of John Eichholtz. 1863.


Insert 8  Jacob and Catharine Eichholtz gravestone information at Woodward Hill Cemetery, Lancaster.

Insert 9  Muhlenburg, Weiser, Rahn, George Eichholtz family histories. No date.

Insert 10  Anna Maria Graeff obituary. No date.


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