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Arnold: William B. Arnold Collection, 1816-1958

Call number:  MG-114

2 boxes     11 folders, 3 books     1 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 3

Description:  William B. Arnold was a lawyer and served as a solicitor for area school districts. Collection includes deeds, articles, newspaper clippings, a ledger book 1894, and daybook 1935. Includes Quarter Sessions 1856-1867, and items from Lancaster Vo-Tech Authority, Union Construction Co., Fulton Construction Co., and a list of bounty money received and from whom to avoid the Draft 1864.

Creator:  Arnold, William B.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Source unknown.


Box 1

Book 1 Lancaster Vo-Tech School Authority, 1968.


Folder 1  Deeds. 1816, 1823, 1910.

Deed 1816. Michael Bleecher and wife, Martic Twp. to Jacob Bleecher for 44 acres in Martic Twp.

Deed, 1823: Henry Shaub, Martic Twp. Christian Shaub, Lampeter Twp. and Martin Shaub, Martic Twp. Administrators of Henry Shaub, deceased to Jacob  Bleecher for 97 acres in Martic Twp.

Deed 1910. John L. and Eliza Hershey to Hiram K. Muller for 6 acres in East Hempfield Township.


Folder 2 Pages of Quarter Sessions, 1856-1867.

Account of George Brubaker & Stehman Clarkson, 1868.


Folder 3 Newspaper clippings of Dedication of the Washington Monument, 1885.


Folder 4 Utility Notices, 1889, 1895.

Newspaper clipping of Notice to holders of Mortgages. Fee Grabbers.


President Nixon Political Campaign Pin.


Folder 5 Union Construction Co. of Lancaster Certificate of Inc. & Letters.

Patent Gov. Pinchot's Signature, 1925.


Folder 6 Letters Patent to The Fulton Construction Co., 1928.


Folder 7 Memorabilia. Penny postcard picture of F & M.

High School Class Day Program, 1921.

Federal Documentary Stamp Required on Checks, 1899.

Republican City Candidates for 1935.


Folder 8 Article on the Amish School Problem, 1954.

Folder 9 Dedication Publication of 3 Area High Schools, 1954, 1957, 1958.

Folder 10 Cross Reference

Oversized Item. 24" x 37" Broadside for Public Sale of 136 Acre Farm in Strasburg Township, Lancaster County by George Withers, Sept, 26, 1866.

Oversized Item. 19" x 11" Broadside of Auditor's Report of Strasburg Township Bounty Fund, 1864.

Folder 11 Indenture of John Smith, Negro, to place his four-year old daughter, Elizabeth, as an apprentice to Anna Withers, Strasburg Township. 1814.


Box 2

Book 2 Ledger, 1894, 1895. Book was found in closet at 110 E. King Street, Lancaster, PA. Business owner unknown.

Book 3 Daybook, 1935, 1936. Owner assumed to be the same as Book 2.

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