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Auto Racing Collection, 1932-1987

Call Number: MG-137

1 box     7 folders     .25 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, PA)

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 4

Description: This collection contains photocopies of photographs of race car drivers, owners and crowds, newspaper articles, advertisements and programs concerning auto racing at the Landisville Speedway. There is also a history of auto racing in Lancaster County and an explanation of how James Earl Way got started in auto racing. A photocopy of a news release of a benefit for the Williams Grove Old Timers is also included.

Creator: Way, James Earl.

Conditions for Access: No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions: Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language: English

Source of Acquisition: Source unknown.

Administrative History: Organized and finding aid prepared by AS, 1999. Finding aid typed by KS, March 2013.


Folder 1 Explanation by J. Earl Way and photocopies of photographs

Insert 1 “How I Got Started in Auto Racing,” by J. Earl Way.

Insert 2 Photocopies of photographs of drivers, owners, cars, and crowds.

Item 1 John Trissler, J. Earl Way Sr., Fern Way, James Way, J. Earl Way Jr., Earl Mowery. 1950.

Item 2 Ardella Way, J. Earl Way, Betsy Way. 1950.

Item 3 Walt Wentz, M. J. Wolf, Newt Meyer, Mark Light, Johnny Matera, Ted Kline, Paul Young, Ammon Kelcher, Bill Holland, Ralph Acker, Bill Menke, Ray Graham, Allen Brubaker, Ottis Stine, Dutch Culp, Bill Gable, Duer Heister, Dave Wilt, Len Keenig, Clyde Dotter, Ben Fritz, Al Gasta, Herry Bonmoyer, Bill Shoop. Photograph by J. E. Way. Lebanon, PA Fair Grounds. 1938.

Item 4 Auto race crowds in the 1930s. Photograph by J. E. Way.

Item 5 Press Rep. W. Bennett, Driver Joe Bob, Car Owner Fred Kolas, Mrs. Matera, Driver J. Matera, Press Rep. J. E. Way, Driver Joe Barzda, Don McClanagan, Mrs. Emery, Betty Way, Gert Bob, L. Emery Jr., Les Hamilton. L. D. Emery home, Wyomissing, PA. Photograph by L. D. Emery. 26 April 1937.


Folder 2 History of automobile races at the Old Lancaster Fairground and Landisville Speedway

Item 1 Article by J. Earl Way.


Folder 3 Photocopies of photographs, advertisements, programs, and newspaper articles

Insert 1 Photocopies of photographs of race car drivers, owners, family members, and crowds. 1935, 1938.

Item 1 Dave Wilt, Sambler Special, Young Bros., Bird in Hand Speedway.

Item 2 Russel Spahr, Joe Cooper, Russell Cooper, Lester Hamilton, Chares Myers, Don McLanichan, Paul Miller, George Herman in Russ Copper’s Riley Special.

Item 3 Bird in Hand Speedway, Ray “Dutch” Shollenberger-Reading. 1935.

Item 4 Dutch Culp, Bird in Hand.

Item 5 Paul Young in Star Beer Special A V8 Ford, Central Speedway, Bird-in-Hand

Item 6 J. Earl Way Press Rep., Bird in Hand Speed Way. 1935.

Item 7 Auto race crowds in the 1930s.

Insert 2 Photocopies of advertisement and programs.

Item 1 Landisville Speedway

Item 2 “Sports Closeups” by Le Roy Gensler

Item 3 Bishop’s Cafe

Item 4 R. R. Graybill’s Garage

Item 5 Central Speedway

Item 6 Pennsylvania Casualty Co.

Insert 3 Photocopy of program, Landisville Speedway.

Insert 4 Photocopies of newspaper articles, 1937, 1946.

Item 1 “Sports Chats” by Jack Martin, October 1946.

Item 2 “Sports Chats” by Jack Martin, October 1946.

Item 3 Advertisement. Special discount ticket.


Folder 4 Photocopies of photographs of Greer’s Motor Dome and typed note.

Item 1 Adam and Wilbur Greer, Adjacent to the Landisville Speedway

Item 2 Adam and Wilbur Greer

Item 3 Adam H. Greer, Columbia, PA. 1932.

Item 4 Joe Chittwood, J. Earl Gray, Ted Horn. 1938.

Item 5 “Landisville Speedway Added Attractions”.


Folder 5 Photocopy of news release, Williams Grove Old Timers, 1987.


Folder 6 Photocopy of newspaper article and photograph of Steven Way, J. Earl Way’s grandson, 1980.


Folder 7 Photocopies of scrapbook pages containing newspaper articles about auto racing, 1935, 1936, 1937.

Photocopies of newspaper articles documenting Pennsylvania auto racing statistics, event announcements, crashes, and opinions.


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