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American Revolution Bicentennial of Lancaster County Collection, 1971-1977


Call Number: MG-20

5 boxes     77 folders, 19 tape reels, 6 scrapbooks     6 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 1

Description: This collection gives information on the activities of the 200th celebration of the American Revolution in the Lancaster area. Folders 32 to 41 cover the celebration in Greater Lancaster. Folders 42 to 51 touch upon the activities of Lititz, Solanco, Lampeter-Strasburg, Elizabethtown, Cocalico, Columbia, New Holland, Pequea Valley, Washington Boro, Penn Manor, Millersville, and Marietta. The collection contains minutes, programs, photos, financial vouchers and newspaper clippings, audio tapes. The six volumes that make up the Bicentennial Celebration, April 1971- February 1977 scrapbooks are a compilation of published materials such as newspaper articles, magazine articles, broadsides, brochures and pamphlets.  The materials relay information about the actions of the Lancaster County Bicentennial Committee including meetings, mailings and events.  The committee chose the "Hands of Liberty" theme for the committee and upcoming celebration.  The theme was present on every mailing sent out by the committee and can be found on most of the materials within the scrapbooks.

Creators: Lancaster County Bicentennial Committee; Lancaster County Historical Society (Pa.)

System of Arrangement:   Organized by subject and area celebrations.

Conditions for Access: No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions: Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language: English

Source of Acquisition: Unknown unless otherwise noted at the item level.


Box 1

Folder 1 Articles of Incorporation & Organization, 1971.
Folder 2 Minutes of Annual Meeting of the Lancaster County Bicentennial Committee, 1976.
Folder 3 News Releases, 1972.
Folder 4 "The Hands of Liberty" Symbol Contest, 1972.
Folder 5 Bicentennial Emblem Contest, 1972.
Folder 6 News Release: Bicentennial Town Meeting, 1973.
Folder 7 Mrs. Sally Miller, Coordinator.
Folder 8 Correspondence of Sally Miller and Earl Rebman, 1975.
Folder 9 Flags, 1974.
Folder 10 Newsletter: The Voice of Liberty.
Folder 11 The Sehner - Ellicott Home, 1974-1975.
Folder 12 The Lewis & Clark Trail, 1975.
Folder 13 Magazine: Lancaster, 1975, 1976.
Folder 14 Advertising: Science Press, 1975.
Folder 15 Bicentennial Film Resources, 1975.
Folder 16 Financial Records, 1974-75. Appropriation Ordinance of the Council of the City of Lancaster, 1973-1974.
Folder 17 Vouchers, May 1975-December 1975.
Folder 18 Vouchers, January 1976-July 1976.
Folder 19 Vouchers, August 1976-September 1977.
Folder 20 Calendar 1776-1976.
Folder 21 "Our Roots in the Revolution," Lancaster Sunday News, 13 June 1976.
Folder 22 Penn.-Dutch Traveler Newspaper, July, 1976.
Folder 23 Bicentennial Wagon Train, 1975, 1976.
Folder 24 Auto Tours, 1976.
Folder 25 The Declaration Signing Recreated, 1976.
Folder 26 Booklet: "Diary" 1776, 1976.
Folder 27 Tour Guide Costumes, 1976.
Folder 28 Church & Religious Activities, 1976.
Folder 29 The Bicentennial Quilt.
Folder 30 Costumes.
Folder 31 July 4, 1976 Events.


Box 2

Folder 32 Greater Lancaster Bicentennial Committee. By-Laws.
Folder 33 Greater Lancaster Bicentennial Committee, 1975. Minutes.
Folder 34 The Greater Lancaster Bicentennial Committee Correspondence, 1974, 1975.
Folder 35 News Clips of The Greater Lancaster Bicentennial, 1974-1977.
Folder 36 Downtown Merchants "City Spirit '76", 1974-1976.
Folder 37 Activities of "City Spirit '76", 1975, 1976.
Folder 38 City Spirit "76" Financial Records, 1975.
Folder 39 Central Market Rededication "City Spirit '76," 1975.
Folder 40 Lancaster City Services, 1975.
Booklet: "Complete Information on Lancaster City & County Historic Sites."
Folder 41 Franklin & Marshall and the Bicentennial, 1976.
Folder 42 Lititz Bicentennial, 1975-1976.
Folder 43 Solanco Bicentennial Committee, 1975, 1976.
Folder 44 Strasburg-Lampeter Bicentennial, 1976.
Conestoga Valley Bicentennial Historical Booklet.
Folder 45 Elizabethtown Bicentennial, 1976.
Conoy Township Bicentennial Pictorial Booklet, 1976.
Folder 46 Cocalico Bicentennial, 1976.
"Historical Sketches of Cocalico", 1976.
Booklet of the "Time Capsule Dedication, 1976-2076".
Folder 47 Columbia Bicentennial, 1975-1977.
Folder 48 New Holland & Eastern Bicentennial 1974-1976.
Folder 49 Pequea Valley & Washington Boro Bicentennial, 1976.
Folder 50 Penn Manor & Millersville Bicentennial, 1976.
Folder 51 Marietta, Susquehanna Times Bicentennial, 1976.
Folder 52 Re-constructed York County Courthouse, Photos (the Greater Lancaster Bicentennial Committee).
Folder 53 Afro-Hispanic Cultural Committee, 1975.
Folder 54 Series of News Clips, 1975, 1976.
Folder 55 Programs: The Ben Franklin Ball, 17 January 1976.
Folder 56 Ballroom Photos.
Folder 57 Photographs. Hotel Brunswick Event.
Folder 58 Photographs. Unidentified.
Folder 59 Photocopies of Bicentennial News Clips, 1976, 1984.
Folder 60 200th Anniversary of Lancaster as the U.S. Capital, 1977.


Box 3

Folder 61 Bicentennial Scrapbooks at Lancaster County Historical Society, 1977.
Folder 62 Pennsylvania Bicentennial News & Passport, 1975-1976.
Folder 63 PA Council on the Arts and Correspondence regarding grants, 1974-1975.
Folder 64 Booklet: A Pennsylvania German Sampler, 1984.
Folder 65 National Endowment of the Arts, Grant application, 1974.
Folder 66 National Endowment of the Arts, Grant application, 1975.
Folder 67 National Bicentennial, 1974-1976.
Folder 68 Film: U.S. Armed Forces Bicentennial Caravan, No Date.
Folder 69 News Clips of Various Activities, 1976-1977.
Folder 70 Unsorted Lancaster County Bicentennial Newspaper Clips.


Box 4

14 Open reel audio tapes of the Lancaster Bicentennial used as 60 second radio spots on the Paul Heil Show, WGAL Radio, [January] to December 1976. 4 Open reel audio tapes from the Hands of Liberty Series produced by the Lancaster Bicentennial Committee as a Public Service TV spot. 1 Open reel audio tape from Reamstown Bicentennial Committee, Inc. of a speech given by Rev. J. R. Albright entitled “Two Centuries at Reamstown.”


Box 5

Folders 71-75 are financial records of the Bicentennial Committee of Lancaster County. Folder 76 are Committee Meeting minutes. Gift of Frances Smith, 10 October 1998.Folder 71 Vouchers for checks issued 1973-1976.
Insert 1 Nos.101-200, 18 September 1973 to 31 March 1975.
Insert 2 Nos.201-300, 25 April 1975 to 3 May 1976.

Folder 72 Vouchers for checks issued 1976-1977.
Insert 1 Nos.301-399, 3 May 1976 to 5 October 1976.
Insert 2 Nos.400-440, 18 November 1976 to 23 October 1977.

Folder 73 Record of checks issued.
Insert 1 Nos.101-399, 18 September 1973 to 5 October 1976.
Insert 2 Nos.400-444, 23 November 1976 to 5 February 1979.
Insert 3 Miscellaneous papers with preceding insert.

Folder 74 Cancelled checks, deposit slips.
Insert 1 1973-1974.
Insert 2 1975.
Insert 3 1976, January-June.
Insert 4 1976, July-December.

Folder 75 Recap of Funds
Insert 1 Recap statements of receipts and disbursements of the Bicentennial Committee of Lancaster County, 1973-1979.
Insert 2 Bank, IRS and other miscellaneous financial records.

Folder 76 Committee Meeting Minutes, 1975.

Folder 77 Bicentennial Memorabilia. Small collection of 6 letters, 2 prints, Pequea plate design and a pamphlet. Gift of Sarah “Sally” Jarvis.

Scrapbook 1 Book 1, Bicentennial Celebration, April 1971-April 1975

Scrapbook 2 Book 2, Bicentennial Celebration, May 1975-September 1975

Scrapbook 3 Book 3, Bicentennial Celebration, October 1975-February 1976

Scrapbook 4 Book 4, Bicentennial Celebration, March 1976-June 1976

Scrapbook 5 Book 5, Bicentennial Celebration, June 1976-September 1976

Scrapbook 6 Book 6, Bicentennial Celebration, September 1976-February 1977


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