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Banks of Lancaster County Collection, 1848-1990

Call Number:  MG-106

1 box     15 folders     .4 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 3

Description:  Information on various banks in Lancaster County. Included are promotional materials, bank shares, blank checks, anniversary booklets, annual reports, and a picture of George W. Hensel.

Creator: (Lancaster, Pa.); Lancaster County Historical Society (Pa.)

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Unknown, unless specified at the item level.



Folder 1  Anniversary Booklets

Lancaster County National Bank, 1841-1936. Lancaster.

Fifty Years of Progress, 1889-1939. Conestoga National Bank. Lancaster.

Seventy-six Years of Progress, 1885-1961. First National Bank and Trust Co. Elizabethtown.

100 Years of Fulton Banking, 1882-1982.


Folder 2

Insert 1  Blank checks. Peoples Trust Company of Lancaster. 192_. (7 checks)

Lancaster Trust Company. 192_. (50 checks)

Insert 2  Blank check. Farmers National Bank of Lancaster. 18__.

One dollar note. Farmers Bank of Lancaster. No. 7105. 15 January 1862.

Insert 3  Blank checks. Lancaster County National Bank. 19__, 191_.

Insert 4  Five dollar note. The Lancaster Bank. No. 3189. For I. F. Shroder, 15 May 1848. Signed by David Longenecker, president. Paid to W. M. Lebkicker, 23 May 1857.


Folder 3  Stock Certificates for Lancaster Bank

John Gyger, 10 shares, no. 89. 8 April 1848.

Dr. Charles Herbst, 84 shares, no. 12. 12 May 1848.

John Gyger, 18 shares, no. 125. 13 June 1849.

Dr. Charles Herbst, 28 shares, no. 298. 18 December 1850.

William Hiester, 13 shares, no. 260. 17 April 1856.


Folder 4  Annual Reports

Insert 1  Fulton National Bank of Lancaster. 1942.

Fulton Financial Corporation. 1990.

Insert 2  Lancaster County National Bank. 1962.

Insert 3  Lancaster County National Bank. 1954. Gift of Herbert Kauffman Jr.


Folder 5

Insert 1  Invitation to 100th Anniversary Celebration of Farmers Trust Company. 1 January 1910.

Insert 2  Letterhead of Conestoga National Bank. (3 pieces)

Letter from F. H. Breneman to J. C. Leib & Co. responding to inquiry. 16 August 1895. Letterhead of Lancaster County National Bank.

Insert 3  Liquidating Trustees of Lancaster Trust Company correspondence to Miss Kate Kreider, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Postcards 1945, 1947.

Letter regarding Dividends 8 and 9.

Checks. Dividends 8, 9, 10. Northern Bank and Trust Co. 10 October 1945. Not endorsed.

Memorandum regarding check for Dividend 10. Envelope. 20 October 1945.


Folder 6

Insert 1  By-laws of the Northern Trust and Savings Company. 1904.

Insert 2  Picture of George W. Hensel, president of Quarryville National Bank. No date.

Insert 3  Blueprint. Proposed floor plan for fifth floor, Fulton National Bank. Uffinger, Foster & Bookwalter, Architects. 9 May 1928.

Insert 4  Blotter for First National Bank. "New Year's Greeting." Columbia. 1902.


Folder 7  Farmers Trust Company

Insert 1  "-If You Leave No Will What Will Happen?" An abstract of the Pennsylvania Intestate Laws of 1927. Farmers Trust Company.

Insert 2  Blotter with information regarding loans. Farmers Bank & Trust Company of Lancaster. No date.


Folder 8  Semi-annual statement. American Mechanics' Building and Loan Association of Lancaster, Pa. 31 December 1920.


Folder 9  Columbia National Bank

Insert 1  Form letter from Samuel Shoch, cashier of the Columbia National Bank, to George Mann regarding his stock shares. Columbia. 7 February 1865. Reply from Mr. Mann on same letter. February 22.


Folder 10  Letter to Aaron Summy in Oregon, PA announcing that he was elected to be a director of Northern National Bank in Lancaster. 12 January 1897. Removed from Scrapbook #149 when it was deaccessioned in 2008.



Folders 11-15  Gift of Donald McCann, 2 June 2012.


Folder 11  Conestoga Crier. Newsletter of Conestoga National Bank. Contains history of the branches, biographies of employees, corporate social events and community involvement. December 1969-December 1970, incomplete.


Folder 12  Conestoga Crier. January-December 1971.


Folder 13  Conestoga Crier. January-December 1972.


Folder 14  Conestoga Crier. January-Holiday Issue 1973.

Folder 15  Conestoga Crier. January-July 1974.


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