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Becker Family Papers, 1774-1892

Call Number:  MG-506

1 box     10 folders     .25  cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 11

Description:  This collection contains property and estate records for Ludwig Becker of Hempfield Twp., later East Hempfield Twp., and his heirs.

Creator:  Becker family (East Hempfield Twp., Lancaster County, Pa.)

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Gift of Dr. James Kendig, 2000.

Custodial History:  Collection transferred from the library in 2008. Photographs transferred to the Photograph Collection, February 2009.


Folder 1  Releases for inheritances from two daughters of Ludwig Becker, late of Hempfield Twp., to settle accounts with the executors, Christopher Bishoff and Henry Becker.

Release of Susanna, wife of Fredrick Bamberg, 31 October 1774.

Release of Elizabeth, wife of Christopher Bishoff, 31 October 1774.


Folder 2  Will of Henry Becker of Hempfield Twp. with very specific provisions for his wife, Salome; sons, John, Ludwig, Peter, Henry and Jacob; and daughters, Salome, Catharine and Magdalene, wife of John Martzall. Executors: Jacob Becker and Martin Gross. (7 pages loosely stitched) 8 March 1806.

An addenda specifies that none of daughter Magdalene's inheritance shall accrue to the estate of John Martzall. 25 October 1806.


Folder 3  Account of executors Jacob [Becker, recorded as "Baker"] and Martin Gross for Henry Becker's estate. 2 March 1808.

Folder 4  Deed granting 100 acres from Jacob Becker, Dauphin County, and Martin Gross, Hempfield Twp., executors of Henry Becker's estate to his son, John for $1,400. 6 June 1808.

Folder 5  Release by nine heirs of Henry Becker to executor, Martin Gross. 6 June 1808. Recorded 1 June 1812.

Folder 6  Deed granting 104.4 perches of land in East Hempfield Twp. from Martin and Mary Gross to John Becker, both of East Hempfield Twp., for $78.30. 27 March 1841. Recorded 6 August 1841.


Folder 7  Appointment of assessors of the land of John Becker, deceased, by his heirs, John, Solomon K., and Charlotte Becker. 27 March 1848. (copy)

Assessment by Jacob Steman, Michael Moore and David Weidman of 117 acres, 28 perches in East Hempfield Twp. valued at $8, 246 and 53 acres, 65 perches in Penn Twp., Lancaster County valued at $3,471.40 1/2. 27 March 1848. Recorded K-7-39, 11 April 1848.


Folder 8  Deed granting 119 acres in East Hempfield Twp. from Solomon K. and Elizabeth Becker to John Becker for $4,173.97, subject to the dower of Elizabeth Landis, late widow of John Becker. 2 April 1852. Recorded 3-12-588, 16 April 1888. This is part of the tract originally granted to Lodowick Becker by Patent A-14-142 on 20 October 1748.

Folder 9  Release by Solomon Becker of Elizabethtown, executor for Charlotte Eby, deceased, of Lancaster; Owen Bricker for widow of Elias Becker, deceased; and all legatees of John Becker to Jacob E. Becker for unpaid dower rights of $1,236.60. 13 August 1892. Recorded deed X-16-2. 14 July 1892.

Folder 10  Unintelligible fragments that were folded into the account in Folder 3, above.


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