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Benson: Evelyn A. Benson Collection, [1951-1971]

Call number:  MG-52

1 box     14 folders     1 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 2

Description: Collection consists of research notes and correspondence regarding the genealogical research of Ms. Benson for various clients. Of particular interest may be notes on the family of botanist John Bartram; early fur trader Patrick Boyd and his family's dealings with the Slaymakers; and photocopies of poems and writings of Susanna Wright. Ms. Benson's research mentions many families corollary to her main surname search subjects.

Creator:  Benson, Evelyn A.

System of Arrangement:  Organized by main surname subjects. Arranged alphabetically.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Unknown.

Folder 1 Atkinson/Minshall genealogies. Contains 21 pieces of correspondence and 46 notes.


Folder 2

Item 1 Baer genealogy. 15 notes.

Item 2 Bare genealogy. 90 pieces.


Folder 3

Item 1 Barnett genealogy. 3 letters and 7 notes.

Item 2 Barry/Lawson genealogies. 16 pieces of correspondence and 72 notes.


Folder 4

Item 1 Bartram genealogy. 32 notes.

Item 2 Bentley genealogy. 16 notes.

Item 3 Blackburn genealogy. 1 letter and 3 notes.


Folder 5 Boyd genealogy. 31 letters and 135 notes.

Folder 6 Brown/Patterson/Atcheson genealogy. 11 letters and 27 notes.


Folder 7

Item 1 Byers genealogy. 7 notes.

Item 2 Carl genealogy. 10 notes.

Item 3 Charlton genealogy. 2 letters.

Item 4 Collier genealogy. 6 letters and 5 notes.


Folder 8

Item 1 Davis letters (27).

Item 2 Ferguson genealogy. 3 letters, 7 notes.


Folder 9 Frantz genealogy. 4 letters and 156 notes.


Folder 10

Item 1 Gaddis genealogy. 5 letters and 7 notes.

Item 2 Hanna genealogy. 10 letters and 18 notes.


Folder 11

Item 1 Hope genealogy. 31 pieces of correspondence and 65 notes.

Item 2 Johnson genealogy. 5 pieces of correspondence and 8 notes.


Folder 12

Item 1 Lazarus/Levy genealogy. 7 pieces of correspondence and 23 notes.

Item 2 Lehman genealogy. 4 pieces of correspondence and 4 notes.

Item 3 McAnally genealogy. 7 pieces of correspondence and 10 notes.

Item 4 McEwen genealogy. 1 pedigree chart.


Folder 13 Shelhorn genealogy. 26 pieces of correspondence and 33 notes.

Folder 14 Susanna Wright papers. 47 photocopied pages of poems and writings. 1 letter regarding the source of the photocopies.

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