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Livery Stable Records (Marietta), MG-755

written by Joanna Karomfily, Archives Intern

When I finished the David B. Hackman collection, I was expecting another assignment similar to what I had just done, but I was surprised when I was handed a 160-ish year old book all about the finances of a livery stable. I didn't even know what a livery stable was, but at this point I'm used to learning a lot of new things every time I come in. A livery stable is a stable where horse owners pay a weekly or monthly fee to keep their horses, and there was one in Lancaster City in 1856. I looked through book after book,, and even old maps. There were some pieces that came together, but I was starting to think we would not be able to figure this one out. Just when I'd moved on to a different project, Heather found the owner. I had put in a lot of research so it felt good to know that it paid off in the end!

Livery Stable Records (Marietta), MG-755

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