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David B. Hackman Collection, MG-72

Written by Joanna Karomfily, Archives Intern

While getting into the nitty gritty details of the David Hackman's correspondence, I noticed only three letters written by David Hackman were to a woman who wasn't his mother. These were the most intriguing to me because of how infrequent they were.

David had written his brother multiple times, mocking him for having the affections of many young women in Lancaster, and always had a little pitiful way about him when speaking of the prospects of women in California. The three letters were to the same woman, Harriet Miller, who lived in Manheim, and never wrote back to him in the almost four years he was away, but still held a torch for him in her heart. I wanted to find out what had happened when he returned to Lancaster. and after a little bit of googling and using my resources, I discovered that their relationship survived the distance. Their marriage resulted in one child. It really stuck out to me how in love with her he is, but David never once mentioned his to love to his brother, only moaned about how little action he's gotten since leaving Pennsylvania. I guess it all worked out!

David B. Hackman Collection

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