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Introducing Joanna Karomfily, Archives Intern

Written by Joanna Karomfily, Archives Intern

Hello, My name is Joanna Karomfily and I'm a new intern at for the fall semester. I'm still in high school at Hempfield, but finally a senior and happy to be able to spend time in a place where people appreciate history and culture the way I do. I'm very into color guard, Dance Theater, youth group, playing piano, and reading. I'm glad my opportunity to spend a day job shadowing at this organization has led to an experience volunteering that I'm likely to never forget. I've just finished my first project, writing detailed but brief descriptions of letters written from 1850-1854 by David B. Hackman.

David was taking a big leap and traveled to California to partake in the gold rush. It's been interesting to see who he decides to write in the time he's there and read his accounts of crossing the desert. I always noticed how the tone of his letters changed when he was writing to his prominent uncle instead of his brother. Seeing and holding the actual letters has made the experience rewarding, but trying to understand what he has written in that small, loopy handwriting is something I have yet to master. Thankfully there are transcriptions to help me figure out what he's writing, but unfortunately the spelling is something that can't be fixed!

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